Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I think I'm in love with my radio.

This is possibly going to be a bit of a cringe-worthy, and much less cynical than usual, post but here goes.

This is going to sound so corny, (I kind of hate that word) but I think I have fallen in love with music all over again. 

I know it's cliche to say, and at the risk of sounding like an X-factor contestant, music has always been a massive part of my life, I was brought up to appreciate it, whether I wanted to or not. My Mum would actively make me listen to certain parts of certain songs (the most memorable one being this masterpiece), turning the radio up and throwing her head back in excitement. It was all around me, as I'm sure it was for a lot of people.
I began singing in my bedroom at about 10 years old, and suspected that I was a bit good at it. I was utterly infatuated with big "diva" voices, especially Christina Aguilera, and would mimic her over-singing. (I've tried to stop that, honest.)
I didn't know for sure if I was any good at singing until I was about 15 and actually sang in front of people other than my family. 
In typical teenage fashion, music became one of the most important parts of my identity. I found solace in many different genres - from hip-hop to 90s rave, from rock to show tunes. 
I would fall asleep listening to Oasis, and dance to Beyonce in the living-room. 
I enjoyed just listening and sometimes not doing anything else.

Upon leaving school, and my teenage years, I went on to study Musical Theatre. I got so wrapped up in hearing new musicals, and exploring every type of musical, that I almost forgot there was other music out there. (Except Beyonce, never Beyonce.)(And Kate Bush actually.)
In those years, I became utterly enamoured by musicals, and I still am. I had only just discovered those painful, dark and affecting musicals, that I now favour. There's nothing quite like a song with a story and a character. Nothing like watching a fantastic actor play out that song like it is really happening to them, and making you feel every single word they sing. There's also nothing like being that actor and feeling it yourself.

The only thing was, I stopped just listening. I didn't have regular access to the internet or music channels at that time, and so became completely out of tune (ha!) with what was going on in present-day music. There were quite a few moments where someone would mention a new, and apparently popular artist, and I would have no clue who they meant, which was an odd thing for me.
I became really out of touch with what was new and by the time I caught up, everything (other than Beyonce, obviously) was just an average song with a dance beat under it, which frankly sucked. (And still does, as its still happening.)
This didn't inspire me to move out from under the safe jazz-hands-y (just kidding, I hate that kind of thing) blanket of musicals.

I don't know what has happened to spark a change more recently, but I'm going back to my old ways, and it feels quite wonderful. 
I am feeling the joy I once had in just listening, and appreciating. I've been actively researching artists that are new to me, and that spark an interest, to find more and more of their music. 
I'm still a sucker for a story though, and the songs I favour the most are the ones with a bit of backbone, meaning, depth, no matter what genre.

I've been regressing back to 14/15 year old Me's affection for R&B and hip-hop.
Right now, I can't stop listening to Frank Ocean. 
Bad Religion and Thinkin' 'Bout You are just beautiful. I have actually been looking forward to getting home, just to hear these songs again. I can't stop listening to those two, probably because I know there's a true story behind them. I'm not sure if R&B and hip-hop get taken very seriously at times, which is a shame because there is some really beautiful stuff out there.

I would also recommend Macklemore- Same Love.

I guess I can't profess to only enjoying music that has a story, because I also just downloaded Miley Cyrus's new album. (I can't help it, I love her. It was an accident. I can fight it no longer.)

Who knows where my interests will lead me next, but I hope my passion to learn more never runs dry.

And here's a (poor quality) photo of Beyonce, that I took, while standing IN FRONT OF BEYONCE


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