Saturday, 19 October 2013

Happy Birthday Blog.

Today is 1 year since I started my blog! And what a quick year it has been. 
It's been a pretty big year for me, and I'm glad that I documented quite a bit of it.
My first intentions with it were just to keep it as a diary of sorts, a way to remember what I'd been doing and a place to rant. I didn't know much about blogging and just did what felt right. I didn't expect anyone other than Jake or my best friend to look at it, so I'm really quite pleased with the fact that's it's had over 2200 views to date.

I know that that might not be much in comparison to the vast blogging world, but the fact that anyone is reading my nonsense at all is a bonus for me. 
Thank you to everyone that has read, commented, complimented or been involved with my blog in any way, it makes me want to keep writing. Most other blogs that I read are more photo-orientated and probably more interesting to look at, so I appreciate those who've actually taken the time to trawl through my words.
I'm quite proud of most of what I've written, and the reactions I've gotten too. Its been nice to just be writing, and getting my thoughts out of my own head, even if they aren't works of art. I love writing. I've been writing stories, poetry, diaries and all sorts since I was a little girl, but rarely letting anyone see.
It's also been good to feel like I'm getting people laughing, thinking, even if in a small way, and hopefully giving them something to relate to. 
Also, thank you to those blogs that I've included in my Blogroll, most of you had something to do with what inspired me to start this in the first place.

In its second year, I plan on adding more: I want to add some personal touches to the layout, post more often (though I always say that) and possibly post in different ways. 
I know over the past year I've taken massive (3 months long at one point) gaps between posts, and I intend to stop that. 
I've been in two minds about writing posts about my everyday life. I had one planned last week but changed my mind, because there was no real feeling behind it. I think what motivates me to write is a feeling, or passion for something, and writing about my day out shopping just didn't have that.
No disrespect to bloggers who do write in this way, I enjoy reading those posts, and read them regularly (my general nosiness is fed in this way) but I don't seem to feel all that natural writing them myself for some reason. Maybe this is a confidence issue, or maybe I'm just not suited to that sort of writing. It could change, and I'm just going to do whatever feels comfortable.

I know I could make things a bit more interesting aesthetically and maybe try and write about my life in more detail.
I've been making a bit of effort to get more involved with the blogging community too, which has been nice. Finding new blogs to read, some similar in style to mine, and some completely different, has given me inspiration.

Thank you again, so very much, for reading. I appreciate it. I hope that you keep coming back, and that I can keep entertaining you. 

P.S. I was planning on baking a cake and adding a cute photo of myself with said cake. It would've been awesome. However, I am very disappointed to say that today I am really ill and look like shit, and no one wants to see that.

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