Friday, 9 November 2012

A few of my favourite things.

Does everyone else just do the same boring things all the time, and enjoy it?

I ask this question because over the years, especially the "grown-up" ones I've begun to notice more and more how this is the case for me.
Now, as a teenager (from about 15-18) I was quite an...untamed, shall we say, sort of gal. By this I mean I did quite a bit of drinking, socialising and "partying" (thats all the detail you're getting) (some of you were there, you understand) ,which was brilliant and part of me still misses that from time to time. At the time I pretty much thought it's who I'd be forever.
However, (and I suppose predictably) circumstances changed, I went and got all coupled-up as many of us do and calmed down to the point where I'd say I rarely drink now. I'm 21 and I've become somewhat of a bore. The thing is, I kind of enjoy it.
Where a lot of people my age still seem to get their kicks out of getting all dressed up in incredibly painful shoes and drinking their wages away, I get actual joy out of re-reading the Harry Potter series, or re-watching all of Sex and The City. The old me, the youthful part of my brain is reading this and saying "YOU ARE PATHETIC" but the middle-aged woman in me says "Embrace it. Go on, have another cup of tea."
Don't get me wrong, when I'm prepared and in the mood for a night out, I love it. I love getting dressed up, I'm still a girl after all. I get as drunk as everyone else (perhaps more), I dance and make a twat of myself, and it's great. Though it's a bit like if I do that once, its out of my system and it can be months before I want to do it again.
Not only do I stay and in do boring things, I do the same boring things regularly. I read books I've read before, watch films I could practically recite, I eat the same dinner (usually involving pasta) and then do it all again. It's not like I can blame this solely on being in a relationship, because these habits started before then. I even listen to the same music on the way to college most days.
It's a bit sad really isn't it? Then why do I love it?
I guess I quite like knowing how things will end.
I feel I should point out that oddly I do actually quite like change, I just don't introduce it into my life very often.

Now how do I conclude this?
By admitting that I've just had pasta for dinner and that I'm about to watch a movie I've seen before.