Thursday, 15 November 2012

Spend Spend Spend.

This will be a short post.

Life is very busy right now. Only 5 days (but technically one rehearsal that isn't a dress rehearsal) until the opening night of Spend Spend Spend. Today was extremely long and stressful and...long. Yep.

So far, we haven't done a single run of either Act 1 or 2 without stopping at some point. This is a bit terrifying. Also, the runs today were chaos.
However, I will say this, yesterday and today, there were certain points where I got a chance to just watch certain scenes and I felt an overwhelming sense of pride. I think this show in itself is outstanding; I find it quite unbelievable that it's fame didn't last very long. What we've managed to do with it, the work we've put in, those little parts of certain scenes, character traits that some people might not even notice - I'm proud of it all.
I cant wait to introduce people to this show. Everyone should see it and experience it in the way that we all have. It'll probably seem like I'm just trying to plug the show but I'm not; I honestly adore it for so many different reasons.
It's one of the most emotionally excavating (poetic aren't I?) musicals I've ever known (most of us end up crying every time we run the second act) but it's beautiful and touching and the "character" Viv* will have a wee place in my heart forever now.

If you are into musicals, (or even if you aren't and are interested) I'd suggest looking up Spend Spend Spend. I'd be happy to share the music with you also, as its very hard to get a hold of. More people should hear it.

*I put the word "character" in inverted commas because Viv is a real person, and is pretty much as bold and brash as Viv in the show but obviously the musical exaggerates certain aspects.

This post didn't end up being that short...


  1. It was really good! I did shed a wee tear during act 2, so the show definitely had that 'magic touch' cause I wouldn't have cried otherwise ;)

  2. AW Thank you :) You know, that's such a compliment. Obviously I dont want you to cry but at the same time if you did it means that we all did what we were supposed to. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks so much for coming.