Saturday, 20 October 2012

When the things you like are actually shit.

Ever suddenly realise that something you like and have liked for a while is actually just shit?

My boyfriend and I were just discussing this with the popular TV show Lost.
Now, I went into Lost with a lot of scepticism at first but, as predicted, loved it quite quickly. I have watched the entire series one and a half times in total now and would be very happy to watch it again, even though I know it would take a good few months of dedication, but (and this is what we came to realise) if you tried to even explain a very small portion of the plot of Lost to a newcomer, it sounds like the most far-fetched and over-complicated nonsense in the world.
I kind of is.
For a good half an hour, we tried to cover every plot and sub-plot that we could over the course of the 6 series, and it became ridiculous. I'm pretty sure we didnt even get through half of what happens. All of this thinking posed the question "Is Lost actually just shit?"
It's still hard to say.

We're probably still going to watch it all over again though...

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