Sunday, 21 October 2012

Apparent trusted individuals.

Today I have been at work, wearing my new glasses for the first time.
These new glasses are a new prescription and are making me a wee bit dizzy at times. I was told, as usual, by the optician that this is just the "adjusting period" and that my eyes will soon get used to these new lenses, and I trust this, because this is what the optician told me and the optician should know, right?
Now, I work weekends at Morrions, on tills, so I have a lot of time to think whilst I'm supposed to be listening to customers talk shite; todays thinking was sparked by my own willingness to trust the optician. It got me thinking about how often we trust strangers with rather important parts of our lives: the doctor, dentist, teachers, the bank etc. Since becoming an "adult" (living independently and all that) I've begun to experience more and more instances where it suddenly hits me that the "trusted" person in front of me is simply that — a person.
We've all gone to the doctor with something embarrassing, been glad to get a solution and be out of there quickly but what about coming out and thinking "Wait...this clearly isn't what I need or asked for?" Or feeling like the dentist doesn't actually need to give you a fucking "scale and polish" EVERY time you visit? Or checking your balance at the cashline only to see that the bank have OBVIOUSLY STOLEN EVERYTHING. (Okay so that ones probably your fault.)
In the 3 years of my so-called independence, I've experienced countless situations with several of these "trusted" people where I've thought "HOLD ON, this sounds like shite, what you're saying to me right now."  (That is a bit what my thoughts sound like.)
I know I sound a bit like a crazy conspiracy freak right now. All I'm saying is that we should probably question these people more often because although (most of the time) they are trained and all that, sometimes what they tell you is simply their own opinion.
In conclusion, although I'm currently wearing my glasses and can see this screen enough to type, during my recent eye-test the optician DID blow "puffs of air" in my eyes and call it an "eye pressure test" so they are obviously sadists.

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