Friday, 19 October 2012


I have no idea why I've created this blog.

I don't suppose anyone will be interested in the absolute shite I talk/moan about. I barely even am myself.
My first thought was to have this for me only, just to vent about anything and everything, not for anyone else in particular but I know I wont be able to keep it secret for long.

Today, I have been incredibly lazy as I always am when I have no real plans.

I've been watching series 5 of Gossip Girl.

My love for Gossip Girl began about 3 years ago when my boyfriend bought me Series 1. I'm not completely sure what's so captivating about it, I think at first it was mostly complete infatuation with the beautiful, fashionable and rich characters. I don't want to make myself sound completely shallow but I couldn't help but get a little bit addicted to lusting after their lavish lifestyles. Then, the romance between Chuck and Blair was sparked and I became hooked.
The first 3 series had me completely fall in love with the character Blair Waldorf. She is a scheming, manipulative bitch yet a strong, beautiful, intelligent woman who knows exactly what she wants. I find this character a good role model in some ways (though in other ways, a terrible one) and her one-liners are priceless.
However, I'm a bit ashamed and a lot disappointed to say that the last 2 series have been overall, pretty poor in comparison. Gossip Girl has always been pretty melodramatic and I've always accepted this as part of the territory but lately the many story lines have become so convoluted and nonsensical that I find myself cringing at times. Not to mention how the characters just GET OVER really important life-altering things within one episode.

I will however, stay dedicated to Gossip Girl and hope that as series 6 (which I think is to be the last series) wraps up, they can quit while their (sort of ) ahead and keep the fans happy by tying up all the loose ends in the way the way that we want.



  1. Season 1 was by far the best - I feel like GG just gets worse every season :( like its done the opposite of SATC, which started really badly (in my opinion) then picks up from season 3 on. LOVE Blair though, she is definitely my role model/person I sometimes pretend I am :L

  2. You are right, and its so disappointing. SATC did get better and better, like it needed time to fit into its self. Gossip Girl had a certain exclusive feel to it in the beginning but now it feels cheap and used :( Some day I will be a Blair Waldorf.
    You have also now really put me in the mood to watch all of SATC again.