Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A question of intelligence.

I have a question for you. Would you rather be intelligent and sad, or stupid and happy?

Now, of course, the term I'm using "stupid and happy" has a broader meaning. I don't mean just stupid. I mean ignorant, oblivious. Those sort of people that you meet in life who obviously haven't really thought much about the consequences of their actions, and show no sign that they ever will. Y'know?

They say that more intelligent people are more likely to suffer from depression. This is probably due to the fact that are more likely to be stressed and worried, by over-thinking parts of their lives for example their lifestyle, health, career, money or relationships. They're possibly more aware of the negatives aspects of life and have a more realistic attitude to their likelihood.

I don't mean to float my own boat at all, but I am one of those people. A worrier and an over-thinker. I can very easily bring myself down just by thinking too much about what might go wrong, what might not work out. Which I know is silly and a waste of time. It's a part of my brain that I really wish I could escape from.

So, and it may be ignorant of me to say this, but in some ways, wouldn't it be much easier to be a bit stupid? To not think, for once. To be too ignorant to realise that you'll never be a West-End star, or as hot as Beyonce, or a size 8, and therefore spend no time worrying about it? To be too wrapped up in yourself to worry? Or to be in a relationship that will probably never work out but be too naive to know? Wouldn't it be nice, in a way, to be unemployed, on the dole, and have no intention of ever changing that because you just didn't give a fuck? It probably would. (These are just some examples; I don't mean to stereotype or insult anyone.)

I mean, a prime example of this "stupid and happy" sort are children. Children are completely oblivious to all the bad in the world and are blissfully happy never having to. It's probably another reason why so many people are depressed; childhood fairytales made life seem so much more promising. And dogs. Dogs are happy as fuck, all the time, because they don't have a clue what's going on.

I'm just saying, wouldn't it maybe be nice to be free of your own troubling thoughts and worries, and just be...a bit stupid, even for one day?

I think it might.

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