Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Labels an' that.


I really didn't mean to not blog for over a month but life got in the way. I'm not really sure that anyone's exactly waiting for a post anyway but I do enjoy having a wee moan on here.

At the end of last year I was planning on writing a post about an issue I've pondered for a while now (which I will come to mention in a moment) but then someone went and changed my circumstances and now...well now it's thrown a whole new spanner in the works really.

The issue itself is more of a question to those in a relationship, and especially more long-term/established couples: do you struggle to say the word boyfriend/girlfriend?
I've been in a relationship for nearly 4 years now and this has never really gotten easier for me. I don't know what it is. Any time I have to mention Jake to someone new, who doesn't know his name, I find myself slightly cringing at having to say "my boyfriend." I think part of it is feeling like I seem self-important (a trait that I can't bear*) or boastful. There's nothing worse than those "MY boyfriend this and MY boyfriend that..." people is there?
But...he IS my boyfriend, and after 4 years surely I'd feel I've earned the right to say that?!
I also think it's partly because the meaning of the word boyfriend/girlfriend is too broad. It could be the word used to describe the relationship between two tweenagers in the playground and I don't feel that applies to Jake and I, who've lived together for 3 years and shared everything. It feels like there should be a better, more mature word than boyfriend, but not as boring as "partner." Y'know?

I don't think I'm the only one who's had this problem. I have noticed others cringing at the moment when they have to describe the status of their "significant other." I'm sure I have. 
I'd genuinely like some views on this. 

Anyway, originally I was planning on going further in-depth on this issue but then my damn boyfriend proposed to me and now he's my fucking fiancé.

*Girlish squeal*

This was a massive surprise and joyous, wonderful thing.

How the fuck am I going to say fiancé?!!! 

"Boyfriend" was much easier than the most pretentious word in the world.

*I feel I should add that although I say I can't bear self-importance, that's basically all my blog is based on. Queen Hypocritius. 

Be prepared for a Gossip Girl blog soon as the last episode aired a month or so ago and I'm still feeling raw about it. Thank you please and goodnight.


  1. Totally, totally, TOTALLY agree. Boyfriend is the worst word in the English language. And 'other half' is another cringe-fest phrase. I think it is because when people 'go out' in high school they call each other boyfriend and girlfriend so it just sounds so juvenile, but partner sounds like you're a 85 year old woman who's first husband died and you're now becoming friends with the man next door in the care home. No offence to 85 year old women becoming friends with the guy next door in the care home.