Monday, 20 October 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Blog.

Today marks my blog's second birthday! I couldn't help but do a wee bit of cheesy reflection. (Sorreh.)
The past year has completely flown in. (I know that that is the most boring sentence in the world, but seriously, what have I been doing for a whole year?!)

I haven't really done any of the things that I intended to do this time last year in blog terms. I was all "I'm going to make the layout better, and I'm going to post better things, and more often". (Why did I think that was going to happen? It's like I know nothing about myself.)
The thing is, I don't really care. There have been times where I've felt like my wee blog was substandard, and that I needed to change it, but who would I have been changing it for?
I write all this nonsense because it makes me happy to do so. If it makes anyone else happy in any way, then that's an excellent bonus. 
I realised that my blog is a reflection of me, and I don't change me for anyone else, so why would I do so here?

The main things I've learned this year, completely translate to that same attitude and contribute to how I write now, and how I will in future.
I've learned to be kinder to myself, to look out for myself. 
I used to punish myself, for being fat, for making mistakes, for being depressed, but I try hard not to do that anymore. I am the person that I need to rely on the most, why would I treat me badly?
I am, by no means, perfect, but mostly I like who I am. I don't feel ashamed to say that. (You shouldn't either.)
I am proud of this blog. It's what I want it to be really. I hope it continues to be.
As always, thank you for reading it (Hiya) and commenting and supporting and being lovely. (If you are. If you aren't lovely, then bloody go away and try and be lovelier.) And I hope I can keep you coming back.

Now here's a shite but awesome video.

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